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It's Real For Us

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27 June 1985
All About ME.

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in need of things to say..........
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Fanvids - Featuring Abe&Kroenen, Pirates of the Caribbean, Batman and Red Eye
Here be dragons
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Abe and Kroenen: a fancomic

Since July 2005, bagelofdeath and I have published the webcomic Abe and Kroenen here on Livejournal (abe_kroenen. We use action figures from the Hellboy films to relay the untold love story of Abe Sapien and Karl Kroenen.

To date, the comic has over 500 readers, has been praised by Hellboy director Guillermo Del Toro (and linked too on his website!), gained us the opportunity to attend a screening of the film in Los Angelos, and was responsible for a brief but exciting encounter with the creator of Hellboy: Mike Mignolia.

If you are on my f-list, or want to be than I really suggest you take a look at the comic. You won't be disappointed.

Beckara's PokéPet

Samwise the level 43 Mew!
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