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~comment to be added.

That kiss should be ANIMATED. Someone should get on that.

Hmmm... I'll see what I can do about that.

Heya, week 17 winners are yours over at snape_stillness

Your icon made me laugh. :)

Hello there. I apologize for the intrusion, but as you have "reboot" listed as one of your interests I felt you would want to know about what is currently taking place.

I've started what I call the "Revival of ReBoot". Please take a moment to check out that link, and if you feel you wish to be a part of this, kindly join us at the Java Hut.

Thank you for your time, and stay frosty. :)

Here I am -- just wanted to let you know I added both your journals. =)

hello! :D i am Trish, a firm devoted Abe and Kroenen watcher! lol i *added u as a friend and just wanted to let u kno! :D

p.c.c :D


I just made [info]stillness_mods for us to discuss the happenings here since the other community wasn't working. Oh, and we have a new co-mod - (fakedoll89)! Now we will be in charge of 1 a month... and it should be awesome. :D Anyway, please join that community and we can have our rotation set and not have any problems or whatever in the future :D

School and work are starting this week so just want to have things settled before the real chaos begins!

I'm not sure how I ended up here. All I was trying to say was that I miss you. Abayo.
Remember me? Think Raziella. Think Hell. *shudders* hell.
Anyway, I miss you!
Raz. x

(Deleted comment)
Great! Just what I need! Another internet stalker.


I just got a new journal up and friended you. Thanks for the invite! =D

Hi you!

It's c. rose from dark_compulsion. I R LJ FRIEND NOW PLZ?



Added you to my F-list. Put me on urs. K?

Hi Becca, it's Robyn. I added you :P

I'm here and adding you because I've become an Abe/Kroenen addict and it's all your fault. If you feel like adding me back, that would be great, but no preassure :)

Being one of the two Abe&Kroenen gals, how nac I not was to be friends with you?

Welcome to my friends list =)


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