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(no subject)
Watchmen - I am the NITE
So my last update was about getting a cat. It's been a rocking road. Last weekend I had to go get a tetanus shot because my cat bit me and it got infected. Honestly--and I get all the money back for the medication and the clinic fees but, yeesh! I'm going to have to be more careful.

Also, I got a ASUS Transformer EeePad (Asus, you're so cute with your names). It runs Android and it's pretty much the greatest thing ever. I highly recommend it.

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Your kitty is adorable! Sorry about the bite though, :( Ouch!

I can't wait to get a couple of cats. I've wanted them forever but Dad was allergic for years, so when I lived with him I couldn't have them.

Now that I have a better paying job I'll be able to afford to take care of them.

Your kitten is adoreable!

I want to see your new Asus! Sounds very cool.

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